Who is Chloe Echo?

Chloe Echo is the Alternative Pop/Rock project of Chloe O’Brien, a singer, songwriter, and producer from Queenstown, New Zealand. After moving to the US as an adolescent, Chloe began playing the guitar and writing songs, immersing herself in the alt-rock scene of the Pacific Northwest before attending Berklee College of Music in Boston. With a focus on songwriting, she began releasing acoustic guitar-centric music as Chloe Jane from 2015-2018, and released her debut alt-rock album, "Magic & Honey" under the name Neia Jane in 2019. From 2019-2022 Chloe continued to release a string of singles as Neia Jane, amassing over 8 million listens across platforms and being described as an “ever-evolving creative mastermind.”

Now based in Los Angeles, Chloe introduces Chloe Echo, a largely self-produced project that represents a culmination of her experiences and a new era of artistic expression. After a period of self-reflection and honing her production skills, Chloe resurfaces unrestrained by boundaries. Electronic pop meets psychedelic rock in her collage of distorted guitars, ethereal synthesizers, inventive vocal processing, electronic bass, acoustic guitar and more. Divided into three distinct EPs, her upcoming album is a testament to Chloe's boundless creativity, layering diverse influences into a cohesive mosaic that epitomizes her unique artistic identity.